LaCourtney D. Setzer, PLLC
It's time to get to your best self!  

It is time to get to your best self. Let's Go!                                                               

All services include a sales tax of 7.25%

Invoices are sent by electronic mail message through Paypal.  Therapeutic notes are held in HIPPA Compliant Software and every client is open to see their notes.

Cancellation less than twenty-four hours of a scheduled appointment has a fee of $85. 


Our agency is accepting Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and Aetna clients. We are in the process of renewing our credentialing process.

Initial Assessment

Ready to begin? Let's engage in this now.

Initial Assessment (Initial Appointment)= $100

Counseling Session

Our sessions  is to become a better me and each session includes a multi-sensory activity

Virginia Paraprofessional Certification  (90 hours training) = $700

Parenting Classes= $70

                                  Court Ordered Mental Health Assessment= $100

                                  Group Session = $60

                                  Couples Counseling/ Family Therapy (60 Mins)= $70

                                  60 Minutes= $85

                                  30 Minutes= $55

                                  45 Minutes = $80

Crisis Session

Established client in need of a crisis.

Cost- $90