LaCourtney D. Setzer, PLLC
It's time to get to your best self!  

It is time to get to your best self. Let's Go!                                                               

All services include a sales tax of 7.25%

Invoices are sent by electronic mail message through Paypal.  Therapeutic notes are held in HIPPA Compliant Software and every client is open to see their notes.

Cancellation less than twenty-four hours of a scheduled appointment has a fee of $91

Initial Assessment

Ready to begin? Let's engage in this now.

Initial Assessment (Initial Appointment)= $160

Counseling Session

Our sessions  is to become a better me and each session includes a multi-sensory activity

Virginia Paraprofessional Certification  (90 hours training) = $700

Parenting Classes= $100

                                  Court Ordered Mental Health Assessment= $150

                                  Group Session = $100

                                  Couples Counseling/ Family Therapy (60 Mins)= $165

                                  60 Minutes= $120

                                  30 Minutes= $55

                                  45 Minutes = $90

Crisis Session

Established client in need of a crisis.

Cost- $150